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Everyone is C.A.L.L.E.D.  Six Keys to Unlock Your Calling  by Terrence W. Smith


Have you ever asked yourself questions like, "Am I meant to do something more with my life? Am I bored, dissatisfied and unhappy with my job or current life status? Do I long for something else--something more fulfilling than what I am doing now?"   More...  

YOU ARE SO LOVED by Terry Smith
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Many Exciting Topics

* Communicating Like Jesus

* FEAR of God: Remedy for Temptation

* CALLED? Six Keys to Unlock Calling

* Five Steps to Discovering Spiritual GIFTS

* Finding God's Will

* 12 Steps to Powerful Prayer

* How to READ the Bible

* The Bible Big Picture

* Leadership in the Bible

* Defending Christian Faith

* Science in the Bible

* Historical Support for the Bible

  & more...





It's about Jesus Christ.

Terry (also called Dr. T or Dr. Terry) is on a mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ (Mt 28:19-29) who will also make disciples of Christ (2 Tim 2:2).  He believes in using the gifts God has given him (1 Pet 4:10) to creatively and constructively build believers in their faith and reach the lost with the love of Christ (Mk 12:30) at home and beyond (Acts 1:8).

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