"I read the book... and thoroughly enjoyed it... our Savior is definitely the MASTER COMMUNICATOR and you (Terry) have done a superb job in presenting Him in this light... I trust your book will get wide circulation among preachers and teachers of the Word of God."


-- Wendall Calder, D.D., Local Church Evangelism and Adjunct Professor at Word of Life Bible Institute



"To preach and teach well, the place to start is with the preaching and teaching of our Lord. That’s the place to start, the place to end, and the place to visit often in the middle. Terry Smith takes us to that place."


-- Jeffrey Arthurs, Ph.D., Professor of Preaching & Communication, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary



"Dr. Terry Smith is a servant of our Lord who leads with integrity of heart...whether directing  worship or teaching evangelical truth, excellence marks his work! Terry's many God-given competencies are only outdone by His singular focus to glorify God in seeing Christ formed in others. He is a Christ-like preacher of God's Word as he seeks to employ those principles of communication published in his very helpful book. I've watched him seriously do research and naturally care for souls. I'm honored to be Terry's friend and wholeheartedly recommend him to the Lord's service!"



-- Chris Gnanakan Ph.D., D.Min., D.D., Professor of Theology & Global Studies at Liberty University



"I've taken and taught courses, evaluated and hired teachers at the undergraduate through doctoral levels. The courses I took with Terry Smith were substantive, structured, collegial and I learned a lot in a new field of study. He is informed, identifies and uses sources, has strong views yet respects other opinions. I recommend and respect him as a teacher." 


-- Bill Beardsley, Ph.D., former president of Husson University and former acting Commissioner of Education for the State of Maine.



"Over the years that we've shared an acquaintance and worked together in the area of Christian apologetics, I've known Dr. Terrence Smith to be a gifted Christian educator with a genuine heart for God, a commitment to the truth of Scripture, and a passion for formally equipping others to effectively teach, preach, and live the gospel of Jesus Christ. He speaks with clarity and precision and is able to make complex theological concepts understandable. Dr. Smith listens carefully and is exceptionally patient with his students and audience. Although his focus is in northern New England where the need is particularly great, he has also ministered well beyond this region, and out of the country. I am happy to enthusiastically commend him to you as a faithful servant of Christ."  


-- Daryl E. Witmer, Executive Director of AIIA Institute, Monson, ME.



"Crosspoint Church has had Dr. Smith minister in our church in numerous ways.  He has played his guitar and sang; he has also filled our pulpit and taught various classes.  He is a gifted person who has a heart for our Lord."


-- Jerry Mick, Ph.D., Former Senior Pastor, Crosspoint Church, Bangor, ME.



"Thanks to the Lord that you are a servant of the Lord that I am connected with and that is involved in His Work... . I do pray that the Lord will always use you to preach and teach for the glory of God. I did enjoy translating for you at the pastor's conference."


-- Jules Casseus, Ph.D., Former President of North Haiti Christian University






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