Seminar & Workshop Topics:


  • Communicating Like Jesus (Teaching, Preaching, Counseling)

  • Successful Teaching

  • Leadership in the Bible

  • Leading like Jesus

  • Elders and Deacons Training

  • Spiritual Formation & Discipleship

  • Time Management--A Plan You Can DEPEND On

  • It's as Simple as ABC (The Gospel)

  • Everyone is CALLED - Six Keys to Unlock Your Calling/Life Purpose

  • The 3 Wills of God: SIR

  • Five Steps to Discovering Your Spiritual GIFTS

  • 4 Simple Steps to READ your Bible Better

  • The One Who READs, GROWS

  • SDRAM, a Bible Memory Plan

  • The Bible in a Day

  • Say Your PRAYERS as Jesus Taught

  • The 12 Step Program to Powerful Prayer (and why prayers don't get answered)

  • You are a VIP! Created in God's Image!

  • How are You Wired? The 7 Pillars of Wisdom

  • Do You CARE to Share?

  • Defending Christian Faith Without Apology

  • Science in the Bible--the Oldest Science Textbook

  • Historical Support for the Bible--No Other Religious Book Compares

  • Biblical Archaeology

  • A Biblical Foundation for Building a Strong Marriage

  • FEAR of God - Remedy for Temptation

  • Christian Camping Ministry




Prayer is required, but no fees are. God is the Provider, but the church or organization may give towards expenses as they feel appropriate.  All pamphlets are free, but the book Communicating Like Jesus should get a $12 or more donation to help cover printing costs.




Dr. T is on a mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ (Mt 28:19-29) who will also make disciples of Christ (2 Tim 2:2).  He believes in using the gifts God has given him (1 Pet 4:10) to creatively build believers in their faith and reach the lost with the love of Christ (Mk 12:30) at home and beyond (Acts 1:8).




"Dr. Terry Smith is a servant of our Lord who leads with integrity of heart and skillful hands. Whether directing worship or teaching... excellence marks his work! Terry's many God-given competencies are only outdone by His singular focus to glorify God in seeing Christ formed in others... wholeheartedly recommend him to the Lord's service!"

-- Chris Gnanakan, D.Min, Ph.D, D.D, Professor of Theology & Global Studies, Liberty University


"Crosspoint Church has had Dr. Smith minister in our church in numerous ways. He has played his guitar and sang; he has also filled our pulpit and taught various classes. He is a gifted person who has a heart for our Lord." -- Dr. Jerry Mick, Senior Pastor, Crosspoint Church


"The ministries of Dr. Terry Smith are fueled by an evident passion to serve the risen Christ. Dr. Smith is man of ambition and drive who desires to be used of God in the growth and equipping of His church." -- Chris Quimby, Christian Comedian, Speaker & Writer, Co-host of VsTV's Soup du Jour


Communicating Like Jesus


"I read the book... and thoroughly enjoyed it... our Savior is definitely the MASTER COMMUNICATOR and you (Terry) have done a superb job in presenting Him in this light... I trust your book will get wide circulation among preachers and teachers of the Word of God." --Dr. Wendall Calder, Local Church Evangelism


"To preach and teach well, the place to start is with the preaching and teaching of our Lord. That’s the place to start, the place to end, and the place to visit often in the middle. Terry Smith takes us to that place." -- Dr. Jeffrey Arthurs, Professor of Preaching & Communication, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary



  • VP of Ministry Advancement and past President of New England Bible College & Seminary, Bangor & South Portland, ME,

  • Professor & Adjunct Professor of Bible, Ministry & Theology, 23 years

  • Pastor, 10+ years - senior, discipleship, youth & interim, worship Leader

  • School Teacher - 2 years full time, 2 years part-time & 5 years substitute 

  • Christian Camp Director - 6 years full time & 24+ summers volunteering


  • Th.D. (Doctor of Theology)

  • M.A. in Ministry, Moody Theological Seminary

  • B.A. in Biblical Studies, Crandall University

  • Certificate in Music Business, Full Sail University

  • Credit courses from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

  • Credit courses from Moody Bible Institute

Presentations & Publications

  • Published several pamphlets: 4 Simple Steps to READ Your Bible Better; Science in the Bible; You are a VIP! Created in the Image of God!; Everyone is CALLED, Six Keys to Unlock Your Calling; 5 Steps to Discovering Your Spiritual GIFTS; FEAR of God: Remedy for Temptation;  It's as Simple as ABC... (The Good News of Jesus Christ and eternal life); A Time Management Plan you Can DEPEND on.

  • Published a book, Communicating like Jesus, a Discovery of the Master's Methods, available on and other booksellers.    

  • A workshop speaker for Why Jesus? 2016, with keynote speakers Lee Strobel and Ravi Zacharias, and many other conferences, seminars and retreats.

  • Taught and facilitated several college & graduate courses and wrote syllabi, exams, quizzes and evaluations for each. Some of the courses were; Introduction to Preaching and Teaching, Biblical Interpretation, Biblical Leadership, The Pastoral Epistles, The Gospels and Acts, Personal Ministry Assessment, Spiritual Formation and Discipleship, Christian Theology, Christian Camping Ministry, Introduction to Guitar, Introduction to Apologetics, Biblical Archaeology, The Gospel of John, and Old Testament Survey.

  • Wrote several articles under the column title, "PRISM Points" for the student newspaper at the University of Maine Presque Isle and Northern Maine Technical College, Presque Isle, ME.

  • Wrote newsletters, press releases and articles for non-profits.

  • Wrote and taught staff training programs for Christian camps and conferences.

  • Recorded music album "Song of Love" and participated in other professional recordings & concerts.


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